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L . S . O'SHEA

L . S . O'SHEA

Contemporary British Artist


The work of British artist L.S. O’Shea is an investigation of colour and exploration through the medium of oil. She isn’t simply painting what she sees, rather expressing the emotions that her subject matter evokes to her on a deeper level.
On occassion incorporating subtle references from olf Masters’ classic works, such as Picasso’s 1901 “Harlequin” and Matisse’s “Woman with a hat” – as depicted in the background of her recent (2018) self-portrait.

Her love of art re-ignited after the passing of a loved one, she found comfort in paint once again after many years away from the easel. Oil became her new focus, medium and meaning. Having lived in the beautiful Cotswolds, UK and New York City in recent years, she has now settled back home in North Wales, where the rolling Welsh hills and local lily ponds give a constant source of inspiration, often painting ‘en plein air’ to capture nature first hand.

With a background in fabric design, O’Shea has a delicate eye for colour, paying close attention to colours she places next to one another, maximising impact, whilst achieving balance and harmony in her work. Her attention to detail alongside a natural fluidity in her brushwork, evokes a calming and confident painting style, allowing the viewer to feel a degree of familirality and comfortability.

O’Shea is currently working on a collection of still like paintings which capture the authentic nature of the subject matter, by creating drama, with use of light, shade and  harmonisation of her palette.

When she is not painting,  she is in her studio with a pen, rather than a paintbrush, writing poems, short stories and is currently working on her first novel.

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